Nightbot USED to work, after 1 month now broken

I was very active on twitch making use of Nightbot for about 2 months, then after a 3-week hiatus from streaming, I return to streaming on Twitch with no Twitch or Nightbot settings changed, and Nightbot simply does not respond to commands anymore and does not log messages anymore.

Integration with my Discord server is working just fine, again, with no settings changed universally.

Any ideas, or any assistance available for this situation? I strongly rely on Nightbot for moderation and commands.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Did you double check on all these?

  1. Nightbot isn’t banned.
  2. Nightbot isn’t ignored.
  3. Nightbot is joined to your channel: Click “Join Channel”
  4. Nightbot is modded.
  5. You have the default commands at enabled.


Problem solved, thank you for walking me through the steps.
Where I was hung up was step #3, “Join Channel”, in the Nightbot Dashboard.
I did </unmod nightbot> in the twitch chat, then “Join Channel” through the Dashboard, then re-added Nightbot as a mod. And huzzah!
Not quite sure what a month of inactivity may have done to cause this issue. Regardless, thank you for the help.

  • Russell

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