Nightbot urlfetch not working!

I am trying to get nightbot to read from my dropbox, yet it keeps saying [Response must be less than 400 characters] yet my doc is not that long, not even close. Here is my command: $(urlfetch

That link is not available to the public. When nightbot urlfetches it grabs the data from a page, not just the text that you see. You can view the page source to see what all it will try to download/parse.

Well then, is there a site that I can use for nightbot to read text from that I set?

any website that allows “raw” text data. An example would be or (though in the github case that might be against their terms of use). So for pastebin just add prepend /raw before the unique paste id. e.g.

If you need to have multiple pieces of text that can be called upon randomly or something like that, it is possible to use Ehsankia’s quote api as a system for text.


Thanks man, I really appreciate it!