Nightbot twitch subscriber status error

Hi, a streamer I follow is doing giveaways for subscribers only, and I am not labeled as a subscriber on his Nightbot screen, even though I am a 5-month subscriber to his channel.

Apparently this has been going for long as I never see my name on his screen when participating in giveaways, so I am actually not being able to participate in these raffles because of this Nightbot bug…

Please help me to fix it! Let me know if any additional info is required.


Hiya, hmm I’m not a partner to test subscriber only, however the eligibility for only regulars or mods works fine for me.
Maybe you can share more details, screenshots of the giveaway page with the eligibility settings and one where you enter?

This is a raffle for subscribers in which I did send the keyword in chat, but did not appear on the list (my nickname is bolovao_da_massa and the list on the left side is in alphabetical order)

This was a raffle for everyone (not only subs) which I won, and there I could see I am not counting as a subscriber for the Nightbot sub-only raffles.

This is how sub status looks like (and how mine should look like).

It is concerning because these raffles take place frequently and with good prizes and Nightbot is being unreliable for me to participate as a subscriber, which I am paying for. Is there any way to update/refresh the sub status in Nightbot?

Subscriber status is obtained from each message sent. If it doesn’t show you as a subscriber, then it’s because Twitch isn’t reporting that badge in your message. If you provide more details, like an exact date/time and timezone of a message you sent within the past week in a channel (and that channel’s username) we can look at logs to see what Nightbot is reading from Twitch.

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