NightBot tweeting/posting too much

FIRST off wanna say i love NightBot. ITS awesome. However, the automated twitter/facebook modules post way too much. SEEMS like settings may be wrong as its posting the same thing like 5-10 times every hour. CANT find any settings to change. ALL i remember doing was signing up for the automated tweets and never having any settings to change. HELP would be much appreciated.

Hey Evsterfy,

That is a Twitch settings. Nightbot doesn’t automatically tweet or Facebook your stream. That would be found in your Twitch settings sir.

Vaughn Whiskey

NO its not… I specifically remember signing up on the nightbot app website but now i dont see it on nightbot or twitch. JUST a bunch of tweets…

To agree with @VaughnWhiskey, Nightbot doesn’t automatically tweet or post anything on your behalf, you can be assured that nothing on Nightbot has your twitter credentials.

Also to agree with @VaughnWhiskey you can edit your Twitch notifications from the Twitch Connection page. This is probably where you will have the most success.

You can also (if you still disagree) disable Nightbot access to your account. However this is prevent you from accessing the Nightbot page without allowing access. Also, then Nightbot cannot be used to change channel specific items such as !title and !game.

Lastly, you can go to your Twitter Settings Application Page and disable Twitch access to your account. There should be nothing relating to: Nightbot, Nightdev or Night (anything) on that Twitter Settings Application Page.

Hope this helps to slove to your twitter problem.

  • Aaron

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