Nightbot Timers Not Working

The Nightbot’s Timers are not working. I have only one there, but it doesn’t work. It’s set for default 15 min but nothing ever post to the chat. What did I do wrong?

Nightbot has to meet the minimum chat requirement lines before posting (to avoid spamming an empty chat). You might need to reduce the requirement.

Can I make it 0???

No because then it would display the timer regardless of chat activity. The minimum is 2.

The chat requirement? I set it at 2. I stream two hours so it should go off twice My three timers are 50, 55 and 60 minutes. The timer will not go off every two messages right? If it does can we get the timers so it goes off every X minutes, no matter what? Can we also have it go loner than 60 minutes for live streamers doing 24 hours streams?

The intervals are run using cron interval. So at 55min. The timers will run at 2:00, 2:55, 3:00, 3:55 … etc

Chat requirement is used so that Nightbot doesn’t run timers in a chat room with little activity.

That’s why it goes off so much, okay. I guess I will make sure if chat is slow I will write two messages :smiley: Everything takes time to figure out what works best and no channel runs the same. Thanks for the speedy reply and keep up the great work.