NightBot timers not working

Not sure why not… I have them setup with time and minimum chat lines, but even with both of those valued hit, no timers go off. I believe I have them setup properly, but it’s not working. It used to work, but after some time off, I’ve noticed they no longer work.

Nightbot is added to the channel. And it has moderator. I’ve also typed a command like !art (which I have setup through nightbot as well under commands) and that works fine. So I’m unsure what the problem is…


My primary concern would be that the lines requirement for all of these timers seems a tad high (it sort of depends on the amount of activity in your chat).

Take the “Art” timer for example. Its Chat Lines requirement is set to 100 lines. That means 100 chat lines must pass in your chat within the 5 minutes immediately before the “Art” timer is due to fire. If that number of chat lines doesn’t pass within that time window, the timer doesn’t fire, which is why 100 chat lines seems a bit excessive. I would try lowering this requirement for each of your timers until you start seeing them trigger more regularly.

Hmm, I lowered them all significantly, and they’re still not firing off… I feel that something is wrong?

mine doesnt work either
nightbot keeps saying The alias you set this command to be of, the, does not exist.

How low did you lower them? The line count needs to be met within the 5 minutes prior to it firing.

That’s an unrelated error. You should remove the alias from your timer configuration.

Now none of my commands are working, i changed nothing, just today they stopped working…?


It seems like you are using Nightbot on YouTube. Make sure your stream is live and set to public, Nightbot is modded, not banned, and not blocked, and that you are viewing live chat.

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