Nightbot Timers NOT Working On Discord Channel

Hey, so I made a Timer as a test that’s name is just Test and outputs Test Timer Output every 5 minutes if at least 2 lines have been typed. The main function I am trying to achieve with this Nightbot is to make Timers that will be used in my Discord server, and so when I added him to my Bot Testing Discord Server to confirm that the Timer would work and typed like 5 lines in the server while the bot had all permissions aside from Administrator (the bot was a twitch stream mod at this point already), even after the 5 minute wait there was no Timer output. I then went on the account’s twitch stream and, without streaming, just typed in the chat two lines, waited, and sure enough, the Timer worked. In lue of that I went back yet again to discord, reproduced the same steps as I did with my twitch channel messages, and the timer still has not activated, 15 minutes later. Do Timers not work in Discord server integrations, or have I stumbled upon an error? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Timers do not work on discord.

Ok, thank you for the confirmation :slight_smile:

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