Nightbot Timers not working in Youtube

I know there have been multiple posts regarding timers, so I made sure to read those first. The timers for a channel I moderate (and manage nightbot for) are not working. The chat requirement is set to 2 lines, and the chat is more than active enough to fulfill this. I tried changing the timers to be different lengths in case timers with the same interval conflicted, but they still do not display. Making nightbot leave the channel and return cause two of them to post immediately, but they have never posted again.

Here is an example of one of the timers, set on a 20 minute interval

And here is an example of the chat logs, showing more than enough activity (usernames removed):

Not sure if it could be the same issue, but posting a reply anyway here as today Nightbot Timers didn’t work for us either in our Twitch channel. It has always worked before, so I’m wondering if this could be a temporary issue? Is there a way to test the timers without being live?

Well, good to know it isn’t just me. I was a bit frustrated after setting them all up and none worked, lol. Hopefully it gets ironed out, if that’s the case.

Would also like to add my vote on this.

The timers stopped working on my Youtube as well. It stopped working earlier today. Haven’t checked twitch yet to see if it is working on there.

They broke after some networking issues placed them in a stuck state earlier today. They should be fixed now.

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Thank you very much for the quick fix. I haven’t tested it out yet, but once I can send a message just saying all ends are good.

The Timers on YouTube are not working for me still

How do you test the timer messages without going live?

Yes, my timers are now working correctly. Thank you for letting us know the issue, and addressing it!

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