Nightbot Timers Not Working in New Version

I recently updated Nightbot to the new version, which looks GREAT by the way! I have confirmed that Nightbot is indeed in the channel. No issues when I ask it to join, he IS set as a mod, and commands are working just fine. In the Timers section I have 3 timers enabled, like I always did before. Everything looks fine, but when I am streaming and chat is up, none of the timers are popping up at any time.

Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks so much for any help in advance!

Can you explain how they are not working? Timers must accrue enough chat lines to print the message between timer executions.

I came to the forum to post the exact same thing actually, so I’m willing to bet his issue is the same as mine. The timers…never go off. The timed messages never pop up, not one time.

Yesterday, I had over 700 lines of chat, in a 9 hour stream. I have timed messages set for 60 minutes, and 25 lines. They never once appeared, to the point I actually just made duplicates of them as custom commands and did it manually every couple of hours afterward.

It’s not an issue with the chat interval, or enough time. They just don’t work at all right now.

I pushed a change that might resolve this issue… There seems to be recurring issues with timers that people stack to execute at the same exact time.

Please realize that a timer set to 60 minutes means it will execute at exactly the 0 minute of every hour, so you will effectively generate multiple different messages at one time if you have multiple timers set to 60 minutes. You should space them out instead to prevent issues like this.

I actually just started to have the exact opposite of this today with timers. I have my timers set to where they should never stack or spam at the same time with version 4. But today it seemed like every 10-20 minutes all the timers went off at the same time. I reset them in the dashboard/timer page and as soon as I turned them back on they all posted to chat at the same time. Didn’t have an issue with it until last night/today. To be thorough my timers are set to 13 mins 17 lines, 60 mins 35 lines, 33 mins 33 lines, 21 mins 47 lines, and 19 mins 35 lines.

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They definitely shouldn’t burst like that. When toggled on, the timers execute to update their next run time, but the message shouldn’t post to chat because the message is too delayed (if a timer doesn’t execute within 2 minutes of its next run time it shouldn’t post to chat). Can you try doing the same and seeing if it’s reproducible?

I’ve also swapped the lines requirement to be a global count of lines per 5 minutes instead of lines between timer executions, which should fix the remaining edge cases with timers not executing. I’ll update the UI and docs to describe the change in functionality later today.

I absolutely understand the issue about stacking timers. Just to reassure you, none of my timers are stacked, they are all evenly dispersed. I also understand a 60 minute timer executing at the 0 minute of every hour.

And in answer to you first reply a couple days ago, it is just that the timers never execute anything at all. I streamed for 3 hours with an active chat, and no Nightbot timers ever popped up in my chat the entire 3 hours. And I don’t know if anything has changed since the first version, but it used to be that when I told Nightbot to join the channel, it would to a little introduction text that said something like, “Hi, I’m Nightbot!” It no longer does that when I ask it to enter the channel either. I am guessing this is something related to the same issue?

I see above that you are making some changes with lines requirements and such, and I am crossing my fingers that maybe it has something to do with the problems I am having. I stream tomorrow afternoon, so I will keep an out to see if I am having the same timer trouble.

Thank you so much for helping to work this issue out! I hope you had a great New Years!!

Nightbot no longer does this because it is not programmed to do this any longer. Joining channels is now completely asynchronous and can take anywhere from 0-30 seconds to happen. It doesn’t make sense to emit a message to a channel if it hasn’t been joined yet.

If you continue having issues, please let us know. Timers in Nightbot v4 are a complete rework from how the old system was implemented and it is expected there are bugs (hence why we’re beta testing instead of moving everyone to a potentially buggy platform).

Hi, We’ve (Channel been having an issue with Nightbot where the timed messages would all appear at once! They are all set individual times, but the chat lines are the same.

However sometimes it’s all of them, other times it’s one or two. For example:

We’d appreciate all the help :smiley: <3


Some more screenshots;

Edit 2:

Another screenshot:

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Thanks for the screenshots. I added logging yesterday and will take a closer look at the logs compared with your screenshots later this evening to see if I can locate the problem.

Edit: was not able to get to this tonight, but will check it out tomorrow


Hey there!

Just keeping the thread updated. I have had 2 streams so far since we last spoke, each stream lasting give or take 3 hours, and both times no timers popped up at any point. Commands are still working perfectly, but timers are just non-existent. I have included a screen shot of my timer set-up below, so you can see that I have 3 enabled, each with completely different line counts and interval settings.

Maybe there is something I am missing and the screen shot can show you, but I am definitely stumped. Anyone else still having this issue?

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Your line limits are sort of high. Lines counts are evaluated on a per-5-minute basis. You may want to try reducing the line requirement.

based on my stream this past Sunday, everything seems to be fine so far. I have a much longer stream tonight and I’ll update on if how things go with the timers. Thanks for being so awesome and on top of these things Night.

So “downtocarry” and “g2a” stack because you have one set to 10 minutes and the other 20 minutes… Timers execute by specific time per hour, not arbitrary times, so 10+10 = 20, at :20 and :40 they should both post simultaneously.

As for the large block of 5 being posted. That’s because the hour started and all timers are every X-minutes, starting from :00.

With that, it appears the system is functioning normally, although not optimally. Since we obviously don’t want timers to stack up, I’ve changed timers which seem to stack to delay each timer that stacks an extra minute such that they never stack up.

Awesome thank you! :smiley:

so since I last updated I had 2 streams on Wednesday and Thursday, both nights I had more than 600 lines of chat but only saw one of my timers post. so no longer do the timers spam but now I’m not seeing them post to chat at all or no longer after the first time. Wednesday was 8 hours long and Thursday was 4 hours long, Timers were definitely enabled at the time. I can adjust my timer lines and times if need be for testing purposes later tonight.

You may want to adjust your line requirement. Keep in mind that the amount of lines is measured in a 5 minute interval.

Has this been fully resolved? I updated to the Beta on the 10th and I’ve had my commercials set at 30 min and 25 lines of chat since then and I’ve only had one commercial break that was manually started by me.

My chat does not move overly fast, but Just took a random 4 minute segment of my chat from this afternoon and I had 69 chat lines, only from 5:56:01 pm est to 5:59:59, so not even 5 minutes.

I just went in and changed the break to 15 lines of code to see if tonight when I stream it runs a break.

Edited in my break stats

@morsrageng At the moment the Nightbot does not support running commercials. Check out my reply to this other thread: Implement commercial feature in the Nightbot beta

Appreciate the quick response, and thanks for all your hard work.