Nightbot Timers & !lastkill

hello i have been trying for 4 days to set up the Timers on Nightbot but they refuse to show i stream for around 10 hours each day and i never see a single timer pop are they broken or invalid here is a screen shot of my timers whats wrong with them The timers used to work flawlessly but since beta they dont anymore

My second problem is i have some mods in chat that use mobile to view the stream and i know this can be done there is a command you can set up called !lastkill how would i set this up so mods can capture the last kill/death from a command in chat

Looking at your image your min. lines required might not be getting met in order to trigger the timer, these counts are within a 5 min time period.

Any user can use commands as long as they have access to commands. I’m not sure what your looking for in !lastkill, perhaps if you provide some more information, or search for it on the forums.

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