Nightbot timers are not working as they should

Hi everyone… We have a little problem with Nightbot timers… We have 3 different timers and they are set on different times and lines… but still they keep showing up one after the other when it goes like 8:00 9:00… etc
Like the full hour… and the last one we added was supposed to show every 25 minutes and 50 lines between them… but it’s showing every 10 or 15 min now… We have 4 active chats on YouTube and the timers appears on all chats no matter the lines. Wanted to know if it’s some YouTube bug… or what… Thank you

This is just how timers function. If you set a timer at 15 minutes it will appear at :00, :15, :30, :45. Similarly for 20 minutes, :00, :20, :40 … and so on.

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