Nightbot Timer is broken

I already made another topic about this, but there I only got one reply that didn’t help at all. I’m having this problem with Nightbot in YouTube Chat for about a month now:

The only thing I have set for Nightbot is a timer every 30 minutes. Maybe two months ago it worked just fine, but then Nightbot started to appear less and less. If I’m lucky, it will show up one time in a four hour stream. And if it appears, Nightbot often is one or two minutes early/late. I also use exactly one command now which lets Nightbot post the same message as with the timer. That one seems to work fine … if you ignore the fact that the cooldown doesn’t matter at all. I don’t even care about that, since I wouldn’t really need to use this command if the timer just worked.

So, helpful answers are really appreciated. It is definitely not one of the obious ones. In the last days I clicked on “Part Channel” and then “Join Channel” again more then a few times. I also reactivated Nightbot as a mod multiple times just to make sure. I was reading Live Chat, Nightbot is not banned, the spam filter is turned off and there are enough messages for the timer to activate. I even set up more timers with different configurations (message, intervall, chat lines). As you probably guessed … that didn’t help either. No matter what I do Nightbot is just very rarely showing itself in chat.

I’m kind of frustrated since I tried everything I could think of. I really hope that anyone has a solution. I just want Nightbot to work again.

Sooo … no answers again? I’m still streaming almost daily and the timer is still almost never working. Am I really the only person having this issue? And can really no one help me here? This sucks so much.

In order for a timer to activate the minimum amount Chat Lines threshold must be met 5 minutes before the 30 minutes is met, otherwise the timer doesn’t activate. Setting the Chat Lines to 2 lines is the best way to have more consistent timers.

Thanks for the advise. Sadly it’s not the solution. Like I said it’s not one of the obvious ones. Most of the time I’m streaming for about two hours with roughly 500 messages. So there are almost five messages per minute. That should be way enough for the timer to activate. In November 2018 the length of the streams and the amount of messages was similar. Back then Nightbot showed up every 30 minutes without exception. But since mid December it has become the exception for Nightbot to actually appear in chat. In my stream yesterday (2h and 482 messages) the timer didn’t work once. That’s why I feel so helpless. There seems to be no answer.

If you have proof that the 5 minutes prior to timer execution resulted in exceeding your line count minimum we can take a closer look, but in general we have monitoring that tracks timer execution health and they are operating normally.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

The timer is still activated, but as of now I am using Fussbot even though I liked Nightbot a bit more if the timer actually would work. You can just take a quick look at the two hour livestream I did a few hours ago (it’s in German. Just so you know). Sadly Nightbot wasn’t there at all.

ChallengeBot has the exact same task as Nighbot … posting this one message every 30 minutes starting at 20 pm (Central European Time). The stream began at about 20:02 pm. When activating time stamps for the chat you can clearly see that five minutes before ChallengeBot postet the message there were plenty of other messages by different viewers. On the Nighbot Dashboard it says that there were 745 messages in today’s stream. The minimum amount of chat lines for Nightbot ist set to three lines. I tried basicially everything from one to ten in that regard. I think that in November (where Nightbot was operating normally) I also set the threshold to three lines and kept it at this number until the problems occurred.

It would be really nice if you could take a closer look at Nighbot’s weird behavior.

It’s definetly problem in Nightbot on Youtube, since I have only one timer to work. Every other doesn’t work at all with any settings.

Oh, so it’s a YouTube stream. Yeah, that’s tricky since YouTube’s chat system is actually garbage for bots. We fire messages but if they fail it gets dropped, and messages are sent best-effort. It’s possible we’re being ratelimited in some way or their spam filtering is picking it up and rejecting it.

Wow, that’s just … amazing. There is a post from over a month ago where I already said that the streams are happening on YouTube. I even titled the other post “Nightbot doesn’t show up in YouTube Chat”. And I also mentioned it in this topic. It’s the second sentence actually: “I’m having this problem with Nightbot in YouTube Chat for about a month now”. So, why couldn’t you let me know earlier that YouTube itself may be the cause of all this?

Alright, it’s fine. I still don’t really understand why the timer worked for a long time, but then it suddenly didn’t anymore. I’m just hoping that the same won’t happen to Fussbot or that Nightbot will work again some day. Anyway, thanks for the help.

I added some extra logging to message sends so we can see how often we’re seeing message drops. At a cursory glance we’re getting a lot of rateLimitExceeded errors, which means that YouTube is rate limiting us. It’s unclear if these are global rate limits or channel rate limits. After your next stream I can check logs for more information

Since that stream of super mario maker I did three other streams. One of them today actually. Surprisingly in today’s stream Nightbot did show up once at 22 pm (again Central European Time). But Nightbot didn’t appear at 20:00, 20:30, 21:00 and 21:30. In the other two streams there was no sign of Nightbot (like most of the time). So yeah, the timer is very, very rarely working.

Unfortunately your stream must have been before our logging was added. I would recommend letting us know after your next stream.

I streamed a few hours ago. No sign of Nightbot as usual.

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