Nightbot Text File

When using the text file on OBS from the Nightbot Desktop App, it will randomly not output the song information to the file. This leaves the “Now Playing” area on my overlay blank until the next song comes on. It does this with Spotify and YouTube songs; I haven’t had any song requests via Soundcloud. Even when pulling songs from the playlist, the text file will go blank. The only way I have found to resolve this, is to delete and re-add the text file in OBS. As you can imagine, it’s very difficult, let alone inconvenient, to do that while in game. Is there a fix for this?

I’m also having another issue with the song volume. When my viewers request songs from YouTube, the volume is VERY weird. My mods have to continually !volume 15 when certain songs come on. I understand some songs are louder than others, and it also depends on video quality, but when I have to keep putting Nightbot on the same volume setting when songs change is puzzling to me. Am I doing it wrong? Just to clarify, multiple song SR’s in a row are fine (for the most part) but it’s when Nightbot switches from my playlist to YouTube. Nightbot seems to reset the volume setting back up to the default when it goes from playlist to YouTube. I understand my spotify playlist volume is controlled by me, but when it switches back and forth, it resets the volume setting.

Thank you for taking your time to read my issues, and I hope they can be resolved. <3

The text file will empty when there is nothing playing. OBS/XSplit should read the contents of this file to empty out whatever text displaying on stream.

Volume of songs is probably being set to whatever spotify volume you’ve set to. Try setting Spotify to the same volume level.

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