Nightbot test area

Is there a place, other than in my Twitch chat, that I can test my nightbot code?

Hey @mrdarn!

Here are a couple solutions that come to mind:
• Use one of your mod’s chat if they don’t stream and if they agree: they can add Nightbot to their chat and make you Manager of theirs
• Make a second Twitch account
• Use a code editor or an IDE

I feel like there should be a way to do it inside the control panel :confused:
Do you happen to have a link to a code editor that will work? Things like URLFetch seem to be a Nightbot thing.

All the variables like $(urlfetch), $(twitch), $(count), etc. are only working for Nightbot.
However there are ways to still get the data like $(urlfetch) does, learn more JS and/or use a library.
The code editor I use is Visual Studio Code.

But if you’re not too dev savvy, the best option is to get one of your mod lend you their chat.
That is if you don’t want to do it in your chat, even tho’ there is no issue doing that when you’re not live.

Yeah, I’ve went the route of making a second account for testing.
I’ve made the mistake of testing while offline, and people with BTTV sometimes leave my stream open.

If, for instance, I’m testing code that reads a Pastebin, they can get that pastebin link and rip off my responses in their own bot, simply by linking to it (or copying it to their own)

Clearing the chat isn’t an option as BTTV doesn’t care about chat clear requests. It still shows it for the user.

I’d rather an environment thats completely offline to test.

Thanks for the replies though, They’ve been helpful.

Hmm, I see, if you don’t want people to get your Pastebin links you could always add the commands from the dashboard and then test in your chat.

Anyway, the second account will work just fine, glad I could help.

I always add from the dashboard anyway, but if I mess up the code in a certain way, it sometimes just displays the code raw.
As long as no-one finds out the name of the second account, it should be good.

Testing/debugging command outputs from the control panel is an interesting idea. Perhaps there’s a way we can better support that in the future.

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