Nightbot takes 5-6 seconds+ to respond to commands

We have a number of 24-7 youtube livestreams and noticed that Nightbot is taking around 5-6 seconds+ to respond to ! commands, we can re-create this as every ! command takes this long.

Any ideas what is causing this and what can we do to solve it?


In short, it’s a problem with YouTube chat itself and more or less beyond night’s control.

So this issue may be different, the streams have been up for hours (some days) not just gone live like in the description. I am also looking at Live Chat, same issue. Is this still a problem with YouTube chat?

Spam protection now seems to have stopped working. ! commands however are functioning. NB seems rather unstable recently.

Unfortunately until YouTube makes a better API it’s as good as it’s gonna get. The more people that use Nightbot on YouTube the more unstable it becomes. You can either stream at off-hours or on Twitch for a better experience.

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