Nightbot Synchronization of Regulars and Moderators to Discord Roles

I’m currently managing a Nightbot and discord of a Twitch streamer.

One particular user, a moderator of the Twitch Streamer, has two Twitch accounts connected to their Discord profile. One Twitch account is visible on their Discord profile, and the other, is hidden (as per their privacy settings in Discord). The visible account is a different account than they are using for their moderator account, and is not following the Twitch Streamer. So, only the hidden Twitch account, which is their Moderator account for the Twitch Streamer, should be synchronizing roles with Nightbot to Discord’s roles. The Twitch Moderator’s account is also a regular.

The problem is, this particular moderator is not able to receive the Twitch Moderator role in Discord, but is able to receive the Twitch Regular role in Discord. This is not a problem that other moderators have (who are both moderators and regulars), and is only limited to this one person. In fact, manually giving the affected moderator the Twitch Mod role in Discord has had it removed by Nightbot.

Tldr: Moderator of a Twitch channel is both a moderator and regular, Nightbot is only synchronizing regular role in Discord, however other moderators who are both moderators and regulars receive both roles in Discord. Moderator affected has two Twitch profiles connected in their Discord profile, but only one is a moderator, a regular, and following the Twitch channel. Manually assigned Twitch Mod role is removed by Nightbot.

What could be the problem?

I’m not aware that you could have two Twitch accounts associated with a single Discord account. I’d suggest removing the alternate and just sticking to just the moderator account. The problem might be that Nightbot is just using the first account it finds per Discord account.

That’s what I was thinking, however, the alternate account isn’t even following the streamer.

If Nightbot is detecting only one of two (the one that is following), and applies the regular role, then it should also apply the moderator role from the same account detected. It’s just odd that only one of two roles is assigned. Perhaps a bug that needs addressing?

Nightbot never checks if a user is following a channel, it’s not an important metric that is tracked. If a single Twitch account is both a regular and a moderator then the single Discord user should have both roles at the same time.

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