Nightbot Suddenly Stopped Working Mid Stream [Youtube]


So i used nightbot for the first time on YouTube today (love it, Thank you) BUT it was working fine then it randomly disappeared on stream and i removed it from channel and the re joined but Nightbot never came back and i spent an hour trying to re add nightbot to chat and nothing happened.

My Channel link: [Just Another Gaming Site]

any have a fix/solution to the problem?

I noticed something, I livestream on YouTube via the Live events section where i manually create the live event HOWEVER Nightbot seems to be defaulting to the YoutubeGaming Quick stream permalink when i add it to the channel. Any fix for this? As i don’t like the quick stream and like holding on to my viewer count on each video/stream after its over rather than get a brand new archive video.

The only case where Nightbot will not join events is when they are set to unlisted. Instability with Nightbot in live streams tends to be due to instability with YouTube’s live chats list API endpoint, which is still in beta.

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