Nightbot stopped working on youtube?

my nightbot has stopped working at today 4:00pm until now. May i know what is going on? i have go to the different channel and they have the same problem

my Nightbot has stopped working for 3 days. Can you help me?

Same here, It’s working until 20 hours ago. I’m trying now but nothing is working.

Yeah, same here.
I miss the guy already :frowning:

Same :frowning: what’s going on… My fans miss the little guy ;-; me too…

Люди, на ютуб не работает!!!

Nightbot working fine with my Discord, but not with my YouTube channel. Stopped working approximately midnight GMT, that’s when the last live show and logs were. Streaming now and nothing, Tried leaving/adding and deleting and re adding Nightbot as a moderator.

My Nightbot doesn’t work today :confused:

There was a networking blip last night which I assumed it recovered from, but its polling processes to YouTube did not recover. It’s fixed now.

Yup, mine back and working well, Thank you!

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