Nightbot stopped responding after large amount of user commands

I have a guessing game in my streams(Youtube) that use a custom command that works with my own personal server to save someone’s guess and respond to them to confirm their guess was saved. There are also commands to view one’s account, top 5 rankings, etc.

But last night when 5-10 people did a command all very close to each other, Nightbot only responded to maybe half of them and in looking at my server, only people who got responses were saved in my database.

I don’t even know where to search to find help on this, but I saw something about twitch’s rules on 20 messages within 30 sec would result in a ban but I’m not sure if YT has the same rule. Is there a way to make Nightbot read and process the command but not give a response? If it’s ultimately the number of NB responses causing the slowdown, does anyone have a thought of how I can manage this and prevent NB from ignoring some of the users’ commands?

YouTube’s chat is pretty terrible and has several limitations we try our best to workaround. There’s really no improving it in its’ current state. If you see these users’ chat lines in the chat log in the control panel but no response from Nightbot it’s likely that YouTube ate the response as spam or rate limiting.

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