Nightbot started printing empty strings on Twitch

Hey all,

I have an API for Twitch, which randomly answers to certain inputs. It basically works like old IRC-Bots, you can use !8ball and get a random answer. However, sometimes I need there to be no reply. So far I just replied with " " (notice the space) to let Nightbot not respond. Since a few minutes ago (around 30+) Nightbot started out spamming the chat with empty answers. (See chrome_2017-11-09_17-55-18 - has something changed in the way Nightbot handles empty responses? Changing to “” from " " didn’t help - even not responding at all seems to provoke a message.


It seems that Twitch started to make " " (space) possible if you connect to one of the Twitch Chat-Servers via IRC. It is a legit symbol. Thanks to IrateCactus for figuring this out.
While this doesn’t resolve the issue, it makes clear as to why this is happening.

Most likely we will follow this to see if it’s a bug or a new thing, my money is on bug though, as the website doesn’t actually allow you to send spaces in your message. Twitch discussion here:

If it’s a bug, it will be fixed when twitch resolves the issue, if not, nightbot will have to be updated for this change.

(this info came up on the discord, updating it here for linking and searching purposes)

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