Nightbot & Spotify song repeating issues

Having an issue when Nightbot’s AutoDJ either keeps repeating a song or just stops after playing one song (the queue is not empty). Basically doesn’t move to the next song in the queue unless I manually click next on the app.

Tried reinstalling both programs and everything (repeat is off, crossfading songs is off, opening Spotify first and waiting a few minutes before opening Nightbot) but nothing seems to work.

Anyone have an suggestions on how to fix?

Edit: It seems like the queue on Spotify only contains the current song playing, so it only plays that song until I manually click next on the Nightbot app where it then only has this next song in the Spotify queue.

About the same issue here. It lists all the songs in the queue, but it goes to a different song on Spotify instead of the next one in the Nightbot queue. Not sure what’s up.

Windows 10 here.

I’ve tried uinstalling both programs and reinstalling. Clearing queues. Nothing seems to work.

It will only go to the next song if I manually skip to it with the Nightbot app.

I spoke too soon! It occurred to me Spotify was confused by something – I went in and turned off the “Autoplay similar songs when playlist is empty” setting in Spotify’s settings.

It’s working now. I also turned off “use same volume for all tracks” in Spotify. But assuming that wasn’t a related fix.

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