Nightbot Spotify Playlist Issue

I import a play list to my autodj . . .

copied an existing playlist

it shows in the play list, song request from youtube play / work fine when it advances to the playlist; “Spotify can only be played from the Nightbot desktop client.” is the response i get? HALP?

The playlist you added contains songs on Spotity, therefore you will need the Nightbot desktop app and the Spotify app installed to play them. There is some more information on using the desktop app with spotify on the docs here.

yup, I can read :slight_smile: . … still same result, no noise and an error message. still completely up for a nightbot sme to take a look even. . . the toil continues.

Have you try tool?
You can import/export playlist between different platforms.

It is so useful!

i will check that out angela71 thank you . . . also it seems to have figured itself out. . . the imported play list is working and youtube stuff is still working! Hoping when i kick off a stream here in a bit i find it the same! thx again for all you that have messaged and commented to help me try and resolve this!

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