I HAVE followed all the instructions and the play list i have made will not play tract does not move if i forward same play list my friend can play straight away.
i need help please .
using nightbot 0.1.1

If your trying to play songs on Spotify you might need to disable crossfade and autoplay, otherwise Nightbot don’t detect a song ending.

HELLO thankyou for replying .
I have not got the auto dj on.
when the play list is there no song plays at all
you skip to the next track but it will not start .
And i have no idea whats wrong.

You need AutoDJ open in your browser in order to hear the sound/video that is playing.

YESYES i had it open after downloading and installing several times and doing a reg/system clean it just started working think there was a corrupt file somewhere. But i do thankyou for trying to help.Cheers

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