Nightbot Songrequest stops working

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I am using Nightbot, Songrequest and Spotify for a while now. I’ve imported ~5000 tracks into the Nightbot. Everything works very smooth, people can wish songs with names or links… no complains here, very nice.

My only problem is: Nightbot/Songrequest often stops working. For whatever reason, I can listen to music for different time amounts, but at some point Nightbot will stop playing. Sometimes after a couple of minutes, sometimes hours. Then I have to tab out of my game, go into Nightbot, press Play/Pause/Skip a couple times until it works again, but it’s quite annoying. Any idea why this could be the case?

On another note: Is there any way of rewarding viewers for watching my stream, like the Ankhbot does, where you can collect force and use it to rob a bank, play sounds or whatever.

Thank you very much in advance!


Help please, I don’t know what to do <3

Make sure you’re not minimizing or using the AutoDJ in a background tab, as Chrome/Firefox will pause playback when in the background. Otherwise there is likely an error happening during playback which is causing it to stop.

As for a loyalty system, one likely won’t be added to Nightbot anytime soon, if ever. It’s not something I’m passionate about adding (they seem like gimmicks to me) and it’s a lot of work to build and maintain.

Hey, thank you for your response!

I am using the NightBot app/program. But it’s mostly in the background, cause I have always Twitchchat in the front. But it’s not stopping “all of a sudden”, when I focus on Twitchchat, just after a while, so I doubt it’s because it’s in the background.

Okay, I get that. I am just looking for a way of rewarding loyal viewers. Is there a summary of the “things you can do” with Nightbot somewhere? Maybe I am not using all the features yet.

Anyone out there with an idea? <3

This might be the problem then. When Chrome (which the app is based on) assumes it’s in the background it will stop playing audio. This is a Chrome “feature” and is not something we have control over.

All of Nightbot’s commands are documented over at We don’t offer more than what you see at this time.

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