Nightbot song request

i started using nightbot recently, and im having some problems.
when i first started using que !songs request commands it would queue a random song from the playlist that comes by default. I already changed to my playlist(no songs), and now it doesnt queue anymore, but if i type type !songs request 2 it queues a trailer from the incredibles 2, and if i type !songs request 3 it tries to queue a video that is 10 mins long.

any ideas of why this is happening?

if the topic is confusing, im sorry, english is not my first language and im using a japanese keyboard :confused:

You probably have custom commands named !songs that are interfering with the default command. Remove them for the !songs command to work correctly.

i dont have any custom commands on my nightbot, only the default ones enabled.

This however is not that weird, since 2 and 3 are just random search string. I get the same trailer if I song request just the number 2. What happens if you actually search an artist + title. I would suggest to double check your AutoDJ settings, if you set the search provider Youtube, then you can set it to just pick songs from the music category and with more likes then dislikes, this will filter out most random videos.

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