Nightbot song request says everything is over 10mins

I have had nothing but issues with nighbot songrequest. I have watched countless videos and read even more forums nothing works. When I type in !songrequest command into my twitch chat it says every song is over 10mins when it’s not. Then when I got that to go away and it would play a song for example. I type in metallica fuel. It played some worldstar rap song. It didn’t even play the right song. Can anyone fix this because I am tired of my viewers and myself getting frustrated with all this.

Hiya, it would help if you could post a screenshot of your song request settings, since it’s probably misconfigured.
Some things to check, delete custom !songs and !songrequest commands, since these overwrite the default commands. Check your Limit settings, if limit to playlist is enabled, Nightbot will only pick songs from the specified playlist.

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