Nightbot showing links as "***"?


Nightbot is only showing links as “***” and I cannot figure out how to fix this.

If anyone has had a similar issue I would really appreciate a fix. At first I thought it was a security setting on my channel but I cannot find anything that would cause it, and it happened randomly.


What do you mean when it sends link? Because if it’s when others send links nightbot should have no control over that other than timing out the user.

If I use a command that I’ve made, lets say !merch, when the link to the shop comes up it only shows as ***. its that way for any link, even as the broadcaster using the command

for example: image

Did you check to make sure the command is correct? It could be something thing night added as a security measure but I highly doubt that. Do you have any other bots or auto mod enabled?

all commands with links are like this and ive tried remaking them before. I think we might have another bot, a custom bot for the org, but im not sure if its active. automod is on level 2

Can other people send links? If not then it’s not a nightbot issue and an issue with something else. Also it might be because you don’t have nightbot as a mod

other people can successfully post links, its only nightbot commands and timers that dont

Can you show someone else posting a link? Someone not the streamer or mod


oh you said not a mod one sec,

oh so its a security setting?

It appears that’s the case you can mod nightbot as that seems to get around the issue or you can look into exactly what’s causing it I’m not entirely sure but if I were to guess its auto mod or something

Hiya, check your Twitch settings, the block hyperlink one in particular: Creator Dashboard

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