Nightbot Reverting the !game

Whenever I change the category in Amouranth’s channel, Nightbot changes it, it’s changed to what it should be, then it reverts back to the first category. EX. IRL -> Super Seducer 2 -> IRL

@dyeoxyde Is there a timer on their Nightbot that’s updating the game every so often?

No, just 3 timers, one advertising instagram, one advertising twitter, one advertising discord.

@dyeoxyde Whenever Nightbot changes the game it always outputs in chat @[user who triggered game change] -> The stream game has been updated to: [new game]

Does this message appear in chat whenever you see the game changes?

Most likely either another tool you use is reverting the change or there is a Twitch bug in play (like caching in their infrastructure).

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