Nightbot recently stopped working

Hey there i have been using nightbot for a long time now and my commands recently stopped working i don’t know how or why but my custom commands doesnt want to show up in my chat.

Have you logged in at to ensure the bot is joined to your channel?

Yes i have and it does not make any difference.

Your Twitch username is wapfn, correct? I’m unable to find a registered account for that channel, which means you did not login at with that account.

Yes my twitch name is WapFN with capital F and N don’t know if it makes any difference but it’s pretty weird cause i have logged in with the link you send i have also logged in trough the normal way i did it nothing worked. :disappointed_relieved:

Alternatively you can visit Nightbot’s stream at and type “!nightbot join” in chat to join it to your channel.

Its fixed now and i found the reson why it dident work it was because recently have i changed name on twitch and it was logged in under my old name and not WapFN but thanks for the help.

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