Nightbot randomly wiped my playlist!

I was in the middle of streaming when my nightbot playlist just wiped my entire playlist! When I try to add songs back into it, it would not enter. Help?

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This just happened to me as well. I noticed that my music was not loading, so I refreshed the page. After refreshing, my queue was empty, my playlist was wiped, and the dashboard was empty. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard.

Someone tried to request a song shortly after, and while Nightbot did reply in chat that it had been added to the queue, it was not added.

My stream is so quiet and boring now, dear lord.


It wiped all of my settings and info (history of chat, chat status, timeouts, etc.), in addition to the playlist. I also can’t add anything to my now empty playlist. Uh oh.

Everything just came back for me. Looks like it was a temporary issue.

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yes, there was a slight downtime and some errors, it should be fixed now.

My playlist is back as well.

has no patience

My playlist came back at about the same time as all of yours I think, but I just opened nightbot today and it is gone again.

My playlist just randomly stops playing every once in awhile, and then it deleted everything today midstream. About half an hour ago. Nothing is back on, all of my songs and queue are gone as well as a very sad looking dashboard. Hoping this isn’t going to be a consistently reoccurring issue.

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Same problem (both yesterday and again today). It would be nice if a warning message displayed on user’s nightbot page informing them of issues due to scheduled maintenance. Leaving users to guess what’s causing the problem is a more than a little troubling.

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I had stopped streaming for about 2 weeks and just booted up nightbot today. I was surprised that everything seemed to be undone. Is this a one-time thing? Or is this some bigger issue?

I can’t seem to even add songs to my playlist, let alone access the previous playlists I had on.

My playlist is having the same issue. I’d like to hear from devs on what is going on, as it seem to be affecting quite a few users.

When it went down yesterday, we just waited a while and it was fully functional again. Might be the same for today.

My Nightbot history and playlist got ereased again, did this happen to anybody else?

Checking in a couple hours later. Still not functioning correctly.

For an update, nightbot just now finally started working again, like… 3, 4 hours later I think. Please don’t let this be a daily occurrence. :confused:

Sorry for the inconvenience. We use Elasticsearch for playlist searching and log storage, which seemed to have died and stopped accepting requests. Unfortunately because I was on a plane without WIFI I could not intervene until I got off the flight. The issue is resolved at this time.


I am continueing my stream at 19:00 , after a break with editing and new setups… Now the problem happend to me too… The SongList is now empty and deleted… How long/will it take for the staff to fix up this problem?:slight_smile:

Cheers Activeviruz.

Nine just did the same thing I was in the middle of streaming when my nightbot playlist just wiped my entire playlist! When I try to add songs back into it, it would not enter. Help? i need help to. and now i cant even Add songs on Nightbot my playlist is blank. Can someone please help? Thank you

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For the time being there is nothing you can do, it is due to Elasticsearch going down which is what nightbot uses to manage many features of the dashboard. It will be looked into for the future but you will just have to wait until it gets a restart at some point soon when night is able to.

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