Nightbot problem

commands do not work through nightbot
nightbot completely unresponsive even though it off and on

it does not work on multiple streams

Yes, twitch’s chat servers were unstable for a bit,

It should be back at this current time. Let me know if you have any further issues.

Nightbot commands arent working at all

Having the same issue. Nightbot in channel but isn’t doing any commands etc. works in discord fine but just isn’t liking twitch chat what so ever

@mysteriousconnor and @necroniight nightbot working is at the whim of twitch’s chat servers right now. It was back for a bit but it is still having issues. Follow twitchsupport until they say chat stability has cleared up. There is nothing else that can be done currently, sorry.

Chat servers have been going up and down for hours, it is wreaking havoc with nightbot

i cant get nightbot 2 respond 2 anything i was gonna stream but i cant have any commands for nightbot!???

twitch said they fixed it but apparently nightbot is still not working.

Where did twitch say they fixed it? I haven’t seen such a tweet.

people have all said that it is fixed.

nope Nightbot still not working

Same thing here… not working… Not parsing chat :frowning:

Nighbot is back up for me!

Yes, nightbot should be back up and running at this time. Sorry for the downtime.

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