Nightbot problem

Hello. I added Nightbot to MrKarmii channel, but it dosent work. In log and Dashboard i see that nightbot detects all messages. In Recent Timeouts i see that it deletes some messages, but i don’t see it on YouTube chat. When i write some commands, it shows on Dashboard but Nightbot doesnt respond. I’m sure that Nightbot is channel moderator. What should i do?

Thanks for help,
Dawid Sz.


Did you double check that:

Nightbot isn’t banned
Nightbot isn’t ignored/blocked

Furthermore, if you’re using Nightbot on YouTube, the streamer must be live with their stream set to public, and make sure you are viewing “Live Chat” instead of “Top Chat”.

It dosen’t help. I’m watching Live Chat on public live stream, and nightbot dosent respond.

If you see Nightbot’s logs have your commands but it is not responding, it can only be a handful of problems:

  • It is not a mod in the chat.
  • It is banned in the chat.
  • Whatever message it is sending is being blocked due to spam protection offered by YouTube (which would need to be turned off).
  • You are viewing Top Chat not the Live Chat.

Nightbot w responded one time to !commands, but only one time. Im sure that im watching live chat and nightbot is not banned moderator.

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