NIGHTBOT plzz help

nightbot i just started streaming, i have done everything i should and nightbot just don’t answar on commands.
i would be thankful if anyone would try to help me with this problem

Make sure Nightbot is in your channel. Go to your dashboard: and check the button top right, click the Join channel button if it’s there.

Also make sure Nightbot is not banned or ignored.
/unban nightbot
/unignore nightbot

hey thanks for the help
but it still dosn’t work

Then I will need some extra info to work with, what platform are you streaming on, what commands are you trying?
!commands is usually a good command to test (Double check that it’s enabled here:

when is write my command it just dosn’t respond but when is whrite “commands” nightbot respond. the commands i gave nightbot dosn’t work but the default commands work
why’s that
if you have any idea can you plzz help
im streaming on twitch

If you go to: and edit on of those command, is there anything in the Alias field? If so, please remove it, if not can you post a screenshot of the window you see?

thank you so much
your a very nice guy thanks for your time

I’m having the exact same issue as listed above except for the fact that I have troubleshot everything I can find on the forums. I have had nightbot leave my channel on twitch and join, i tried ignoring and un-ignoring nightbot, checking for aliases, using the '!commands" troubleshoot, and still nothing. So idk where to go from here

Looks to be working fine in your channel. If you can’t see it then you’ve ignored Nightbot.

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