Nightbot playing music on Xbox One Twitch stream?

If I stream using the Twitch app on Xbox One is there a way I can get music to play?


Sorry, Nightbot song requests aren’t available for console streamers. You would have to stream on a PC and use software like OBS, XSplit, etc. to capture sound from the AutoDJ.

That’s disappointing so if I had say an El Gato and streamed from twitch on there I could? In that case would still need a pc to hook it up to but can still be on console as well

I do not have any experience with using Elgato, but yes, if you can manage to set up some streaming software on your PC to capture video and audio from your Xbox via Elgato, all you have to do from there to stream music is to simply keep a browser tab open (on your PC) on your Nightbot AutoDJ at

What do you use? But yeah currently only stream through the Xbox One Twitch app as I don’t have a pc or an El Gato. Very small streamer just started.

Have a look on Youtube for tutorials. There’s all sorts of useful stuff on there.

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