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Nightbot permit command !permit Filters and more questions


  1. Last time i wanted to ‘permit’ a person with spaces in his nickname. So everybody knows, nightbot does not like that. I found somewhere, i can put channel name or ID, but it didn’t worked as well. How permit a persons with blank spaces? Could sb explain?
  2. Also i tried to enable links filter with command: !filters links enable ; !filters links userlevel moderator . In both scenarios, normal user could send a link and bot didn’t react. What i do wrong?
  3. Is there any tutorial about custom api?
    Thank you!

Do you mean on YouTube? You would need to use their channel id or a link to their channel.

Do you have an example link that didn’t trigger a timeout? Since you’re using YouTube it can take 30 seconds for the bot to detect new messages and for you to see a timeout/message deletion.

No tutorial, but documentation is available at

Yes, forgot to mention about the platform. I think, tried that, but didn’t work at all. For example, let’s take account “The king of random”. In my guess i should type: “!permit” or “!permit 01032010814” am i right? If so, that didn’t work, when i tried that on stream(i’m a moderator).

So somebody can paste a link and nightbot can react after 30sec? I didn’t notice such a big delay on reaction, normally it takes about 5 sec.
Somebody pasted a link to the YT page, wikipedia and some random spamming phishing links, which i don’t remember and should be blocked immediately. I think bot would not react wherever link would come from. Of course, when i typed !filters links, bot responses - enabled. Only sometimes gave warnings about spamming emotes, not links. When that seems broken, am i able to block all links, that the user will not be able to click enter to send a message which contain link?

There you go again today. Bots attacks whole stream, using different account every time nightbot%20link

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