Nightbot on Picarto

Hello hello!
I’m aware about the Picarto issue regarding the name ‘Nightbot’ being taken already. But the previous thread is about a year old or so

The reason I made this thread is because I feel the utter need of the nightbot in the platform as it’d benefit both me and all other content creators.

This thread is more of a question other than anything else.
I’ve been trying to contact Picarto’s team and get their attention to see what they can do about the issue regarding the Nightbot username being taken.

Suposedly, if I were to be sucessful and they got the username avaliable for the platform so the nightdevs could use it as their own to implement the bot, would the it actually be implemented? The platform has made it quite acessible by releasing their API now so the nightdevs can integrate the bot as long as the name is avaliable it seems.

It’s fairly trivial for us to add new providers to Nightbot assuming they have a chat system which we can easily support. We haven’t really investigated adding Picarto support, so just having the username is not enough (but definitely an initial blocker).

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