Nightbot on 2 streams?


I m actualy using another chatbot but I m thinking about Nightbot.

I have 2 streams on the same youtube channel, is it possible to use the same Nightbot for both of them ?
I was also wondering if there is a currency system available ?

Thank you guys

Nightbot does work on multiple streams. I frequently watch a channel called Virtual Railfan, they have sometimes up to 10-20 streams running at once and Nightbot is on every one of them. So I’d say it’s safe to assume it can handle 2 streams at once.

Thank you Mike for your answer,

So if I just start my 2nd stream on the same channel I should not have to configure anything right ?
Is there a way to contact the supp for technical questions like this ?


If it’s the same channel on YouTube you can stream to multiple videos with no issues.

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