Nightbot not working

I have Nightbot on my YouTube channel “Disregardless”.It used to work, but it doesn’t anymore. I made sure it’s connected to the right channel and I made sure I modded the right Nightbot. Nightbot logs chat, but he does not appear in participants. Whenever I type a command, it appears in most recent command, but nothing appears in chat. Nightbot also doesn’t execute the command. I would love if someone could help me.

Thanks in advanced,

P.S I made sure I was using Live chat. I also waited more than 10 minutes for Nightbot to join. Finally, I made Nightbot leave my channel, and I unmodded him. I added him back and I’m still having a problem.

Also forgot to mention, all the needed commands are enabled (,
Nightbot isn’t banned / ignored.

If Nightbot is logging chat at then it is reading chat and should be able to reply. If you type a command and it doesn’t reply, then that means it is either banned from chat, it is not a moderator, or you’re looking at Top Chat instead of Live Chat

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