Nightbot Not Working on Stream (YOUTUBE)


I am a Minecraft streamer and recently Nightbot has stopped working on my channel. All my commands are enabled, nightbot is modded on my channel, nightbot is not banned nor blocked on my channel, etc. The only thing I receive when we try to use the !title command is something related to an API? It states: “YouTube’s API returned an error. Try again later.”

I’d appreciate any help
Thanks so much,

A title command? I have never seen one of those before. Well, all I can say and I know I won’t be much help, is to reset the command or delete and start fresh again, making sure the new one will work. I knew I had to do that to one of my other commands with an invalid name code.

Mann we try all what we can and its still dosent work

I’d recommend making Nightbot leave the channel, log out of the dashboard, log back in and add Nightbot back, maybe it’ll fix the issue.
Also, make sure the default commands are enabled here:

!title allows mods+ to update the stream title, you can enable the command here:
The command can’t be removed since it’s a default command.

Oh honestly I have never thought of that! Thank you! I may try it for myself sooner or later.

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