Nightbot not working in second YouTube livestream event

I currently have two streams running &

Nightbot only works in the first one and not the second one, please help…

Ive tried joining and leaving the channel multiple times and removed and added manager again to Nightbot

I run 22 livesteams, 6 with chat and get all sorts of weird and wonderful things happening with nightbot. It seems to be developed to work with 1 channel + 1 live stream at a time. I’ll be interested to hear what the dev’s say however and if this combo will be supported in the future.

It should work in multiple live streams for your user account, but since we rely on YouTube to give us a list of live chats to join it’s possible this list does not. We simply give YouTube a list of channels and it gives us a list of live chats to join.

What I have noticed is if 1 live stream chat has a lot of people chatting in it all the triggered timer messages I have set up appear in that chat + other 5; even if no one is chatting in the other 5. Can that be fixed?

Unfortunately this behavior cannot be fixed due to how timers function. Timers execute on an account basis, not per chat. Multiple chat room support is pretty much a “hack,” and is only something we support for YouTube.