Nightbot not working in my stream or my friends

I’m what’s going on but nightbot is not working or responding I have refreshed everything it shows has a viewer but no commands work

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I have the same problem :frowning:

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Same prob here. Nothing seems to work.

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Also having this problem…went through as much troubleshooting as I could with no luck. Not responding to ANY commands (both custom or default).

Edit: On twitch

same here as well, on twitch

NightDev StatusBOT - Today at 13:25
Nightbot Twitch is down as of Sat Nov 04 2017 08:25:12 GMT-5.0.
Not found.


I have the same problem! thought I was the only

Nightbot is down at the minute, just have some patience.

Same issue here, not in chat and is not showing anything in dashboard. Tried leaving and joining several times.

Same here and haven’t seen anything on twitter about it being down :/.

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Same - doing Extra-Life 24h stream… no Nightbot is kinda slowing my chat interaction :confused:

Same here. Nightbot joins the channel but no commands are working, logging and timers aren’t working, etc.

Hope it’s fixed soon :scream:
Didn’t think much when it went down for me 4 hours ago, but I’m having a huge event stream tomorrow morning and the fact that he’s still not back to working makes me really nervous :zipper_mouth_face:

It seems to be that Nightbot and Twitch are not communicating with each other. Nightbot itself is alright, but the logs section of the app are not recording Twitch chat activity, so no commands can be triggered. I do hope it is resolved soon, and it is scary that no one has made an official statement regarding the problem.

This should be fixed as of an hour ago.

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