Nightbot not updating roles in Discord

Hi, I have recently added Nightbot integration to my Discord, but roles won’t sync to members.

I’ve put the Nightbot role at the top of the list on Discord and have assigned roles on settings within Nightbot to the correct roles within Discord. I also made sure to have “Role Syncing” ticked in Nightbot settings. The Discord Role for Nightbot also has “manage roles permissions” enabled.

Subs are being assigned roles but this is likely though the Discord/Twitch integration and not through Nightbot. Moderators and VIPs are not being assigned their roles at all. I have even gone as far as to remove the integration and re-connect it. It has been hours and nothing is happening.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Hi, I think my users follow all the criteria set out in your post @night but we’re still not seeing sync’ing.
It’s just me and one other person right now. They have their twitch linked publicly to their discord, they’re a mod on my discord, they’ve talked in my server in the last hour or so, nightbot has been added to my server with a role higher than the mod role that includes manage roles permission yet their role hasn’t been sync’d. Any ideas?

Yeah I have all that criteria met and it still doesn’t work.

same problems here. it’s also been removing sub and mod roles that i’ve given to people from those who ARE sub/mod.

I believe I’ve located the issue causing syncs to fail. It should be fixed now.

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