Nightbot not updating roles in Discord?

Hello, I’ve added Nightbot to a Discord sever that I manage, and make sure that role syncing was checked for integration. Nightbot synced 5 regular users out of over 275 and then just stopped. I’ve checked the Nightbot role placement in discord to make sure that it’s as high up in the role listing as I can make it (just below admins and owner), and made sure that it has the “Manage Roles” permission in Discord. I’ve tried removing and adding Nightbot back into the discord and that also had no effect. I’m unsure at this point if there is anything else I can do to make sure that Nightbot has all that it needs in order to function properly in this capacity, any help would be apprecaited.

Make sure users have linked their Twitch account to Discord, as without them having made the connection we cannot sync them to a role.

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