[Nightbot] Not syncing Discord roles


I have had NIghtbot up and running for several months now. One of the members in my Twitch chat was promoted to moderator. Didn’t think anything of it until he recently tried to join the moderator channel in Discord to call my attention to something. He couldn’t.

It was then we realized that Nightbot was not syncing roles between Twitch and Discord. I have checked the settings, and everything appears to be set correctly. Nightbot does show online in my Discord, and it has the necessary permissions (to the best of my ability to check).

It is failing to sync the moderators and VIPs, and would like to know how to correct this issue. Luckily I am a tiny streamer, so can take care of these things manually; but I would like Nightbot to do its job (I am especially interested in members being downgraded if they cancel their subscriptions, and upgrading upon subscribing).

Until that time…

Same here, not sure what’s up. On a slightly different topic, if Nighbot could sync followers that would be spectacular!

Make sure that the Role Syncing is enabled in the integration settings and wait. It can take anywhere from ~30min. to check and update roles.

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