Nightbot not showing subcount

I cannot see my subcount with the command “$(twitch subcount) people are currently subscribed.”

I once was able to use it and it worked fine, then I got a 24 hour ban on Twitch and since then when I use the command I get the message “Not authorized to access channel’s subscriptions. Has the channel owner logged into the Nightbot control panel? people are currently subscribed.”

Ive signed into nightbot, parted the bot from my channel, rejoined my channel, unmodded, remodded nightbot. Nothing works. Im getting pissed off and bout to just switch back to StreamElements. Any advice would really be appreciated because I have no idea why its not working.

Thanks, Biffy

Sorry for the delay. If logging in doesn’t resolve this issue, you can reach out to us with more information on our contact form with the reason being “Resolve an Account Issue”.

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