Nightbot not showing responses

I’m having an issue while modding in Twitch for a streamer, I am unable to use commands or i’m not seeing the responses in chat. There are a couple I can use and Nightbot will respond, but !editcom !addcom and a couple others will not show me that the command was created, even though it was. Is there a fix?

Did you ignore Nightbot? Type “/unignore nightbot” in chat.

Yes, did it multiple times. Not sure what the issue is

Double check that you didn’t disable the !commands command in the dashboard.

Same for me Nighbot didnt work for me "YouTube"
Nightbot delet links auto, but no commands or custom settings work.
Thats really sad with 300-400 Viewer, the mods cant handle it.

Its still enabled. Commands or nightbot responses will show for other mods in the same channel, but not for me, and only a very limited number of commands will work normally.

Looks like the default commands aren’t working, and creating a command does not show me any response that it was created

Seems to be working fine in your channel

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