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Nightbot not responding

nightbot not responding since the beginning
moderators unable to set commands and it does not recognise any eligible winner for giveaways, etc.
it indicates that nightbot is there; however, unable to interact with and does not seem to be in the channel

Hey @airieheartilly!

Have a look here: Nightbot Troubleshooting

Yes, all have been followed.
I have a number of really experienced mods and they are unable to use nightbot too.

I have a similar issue, nightbot shows the chat log, the dash shows the number of messages, and the total commands, yet it doesn’t show in the YouTube chat. However, I was meesing around, added the channel URL to Managers, and it responded once to a random user, I could not grt it to repeat this action.
I have login out, login in, parted and rejoined, rebooted. The only thing that I have not done is to delete the account and rejoin.

Nightbot can only reply if it is a moderator in chat, so that checks out. It can be a little slow to respond when your chat is not receiving many messages due to YouTube chat limitations.

It is a moderator in chat and has not been working in the past month. I ensured that nightbot is not ignored too.

@airieheartilly The only possible is, your Nightbot isn’t having any command, neither any default command is enabled. Well, I agree (experienced), there is a minor glitch in Nightbot, it pop-out after 30-60 seconds after the stream starts. If you are using Nightbot on YouTube, then set the live chat to Live Chat, not Top Chat

There are commands set (all default ones). It is for Twitch. It does not work throughout streams up to 4+ hours.

@airieheartilly Try restarting everything, first, the Nightbot, Part Channel then Join Channel; then the stream. If this too didn’t work, then I can’t help.

I have attempted that many times too. I am not certain as to why nightbot would not work at my channel.

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