Nightbot not responding or seeing messages

I have had nightbot in my chat for a while and never had any problems before but it now isnt responding to anything in my stream - it is picking up the occasional message in the logs but it isn’t giving any responses to any commands and its not picking up all of the messages. I have tried logging out and in to nightbot from google and i have not changed my twitch name. I havent even touched anything on nightbot, it just randomly stopped working. It was working last stream on twitch and then i went to set the game and it didn’t respond so something broke in between one stream and another.
Edit: Nightbot was coming up in the veiwers list at the start of the stream but still not picking up messages but now its not in the veiwers list at all
Edit 2: Don’t know how to remove the post, nightbot has randomly started to work again so i dont need any solutions now, but i don’t know how to remove the psot :wink:

Same problem on my channel today. Nightbot has been reading the chat log until 1/20/22 10:37AM PST. Then it stopped reading the chat log properly, has read one message at 11:06AM and nothing since then.

I have tried re-joining channel.

Hey @obscure_gamer1 and @Cali_Condor!

It appears there has been some networking issues earlier, but it should be resolved now.

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