Nightbot Not Registering My Discord Info Correctly - Google Chrome


I just recently started streaming content on Twitch, and I was looking forward to enabling Nightbot functions into my Channel, as well as my Discord for future use. When I tried to link Nightbot to my Discord, however, it was registering with a discord account that wasn’t mine. I can’t link the two because every time I do, it thinks my Discord account is under a different username. I tried logging out and back in to my Twitch, Discord, and Nightbot accounts, but it continues to register wrong. Not sure if there’s a fix for this.

I have my Twitch and Discord linked together. I follow the steps to link Discord to Nightbot by clicking the “Integrations” tab on the left, then clicking “Connect” under the Discord section. It Immediately asks me to Authorize, but the username it shows is not mine.

I’m using the newest version of Google Chrome.

Any assistance is appreciated.

You need to log out of Discord on the browser you’re authenticating with:

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