Nightbot not letting me add/edit commands?

Hello, all! First post on this forum. My question is this: why won’t Nightbot let me edit/add custom commands? The “add command” and “edit command” aren’t the normal blue. They’re lighter. Any ideas?
(Can’t upload an image since I’m a “new user” so…

If you are having issues clicking on buttons in the control panel, this is primarily due to add-ons like Adblock. Adblock tends to block the Nightbot API endpoints that the control panel loads, for unknown reasons. You will have to disable Adblock for the Nightbot website in order to use the control panel properly.

even tho @night did already answer, using the !addcom and the !editcom comands do (normally) always work !

to do that you dont have to stream, simply click on “join” in your dashboard and then use these commands in your chat (the “docs” to that command are here)

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